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About Road Commissions

The activities of Road Commissions vary from county to county. In rural counties, for example, Road Commissions spend a great deal of time maintaining gravel roads. Commissions in the urban, more populace counties of southern lower Michigan split their time between maintaining gravel and paved roads. For most, however, winter maintenance (plowing and salting) is a top priority.

County Road Commission duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Road and bridge construction, repair and maintenance.
  • Snow removal, salting, and sanding.
  • Surface treatments and chip and crack sealing.
  • Street lane painting and marking and maintaining road signage.
  • Ensuring steady and safe traffic patterns.
  • Controlling roadside vegetation, mowing and brush cutting.
  • Gravel road grading.
  • Roadside ditch and drain maintenance.

A typical County Road Commission's equipment includes:

  • Excavating machinery, paving tools, and backhoes.
  • Tractors, mowers, and street sweepers.
  • A fleet of motor graders and single and tandem axle trucks for plowing, salting, sanding, and grading.

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